Integrity is our business card.

abcBNC is a full service general construction company with service capabilities ranging from conceptual planning to design/construct activities to building services to construction management. With access to computer supported drafting capabilities, we can help organize your architect’s plans or aid in the development of new construction documents. We preserve the services of licensed professionals in all aspects of design architecture and engineering. Through progress meetings along with our design professionals, we work through your business activity flowchart to develop adjacencies and proficient floor/building plans. With our combined experience in the industry, we can ensure a design, which not only embraces good business operation, but also is compliant with city, state and federal code jurisdictions. We maintain the latest materials and finish selections in our database and are available immediately.

Building What You Value

The BNC team is comprised of industry professionals with a passion for delivering high-quality facilities for a variety of markets. Our corporate philosophy is Total Client Commitment. Our firm’s commitment is not only to produce an efficient, high-quality project, but also to listen to your needs and concerns, keep you thoroughly informed throughout the process and be accessible whenever you need us.



This consists of a procedure to deliver a project where, the design and construction aspects are contracted by a single entity (BNC Construction). This system is used to minimize the project risks for the employer and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.



This procedure is also known as new construction. Site planning is an integral part to ground-up construction. Starting from planning, BNC will work with you to define your goals and responsibilities. We believe clear project objectives and open lines of communication and provide a strong foundation for a positive working relationship.


Interior Work

This procedure can be done in any building such as office, warehouse, and retail spaces. Interior remodeling is a way to enhance the overall value and appeal to your property. The first generation build out is typically more costly but are able to create the interior of your dreams, from concept to completion.